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Fairhaven Community Garden

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The Fairhaven Community Garden is located in Fairhaven, MA. Now in its sixteenth year, the garden was created to offer residents an opportunity to garden organically in a community setting. It is managed by the gardeners under the direction of the Fairhaven Community Garden Committee.

Gardening Organically for Good Health

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The 2024 Application for a garden bed is available, now.


Currently, there are beds available at all Fairhaven Community Garden locations.


Returning gardeners have an opportunity to renew their garden agreement before new bed assignments are made.




to confirm availability of a bed before sending payment.

For 2024, the garden will continue to have three locations: Elizabeth Hastings Middle School, East Fairhaven Elementary School and Leroy L. Wood School. Garden beds each measure 8' x 4'. All gardeners contribute to the overall management of the garden as well as cultivate their individual beds. Community Garden upkeep includes filling rainbarrels, tidying the shed, cutting grass, weeding and light carpentry. First year gardeners are initially offered one bed; returning gardeners may garden two beds if there are enough beds available.

First created on the grounds of the original Leroy L. Wood Elementary School, the garden comprised 36 garden beds. While that site was closed for construction of a new school building, new gardens were created at Hastings Middle School and East Fairhaven Elementary School. With the completion of the new Leroy L. Wood School in 2013, a community garden returned to the school to provide students and residents of Fairhaven additional opportunities to garden organically.

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A Project Of The Town Of Fairhaven – Sustainability Committee